Venue: Leibniz-House

The first part of the conference will be held in the Leibniz House, Hannover downtown, where access to all levels is provided by an elevator making the facility fully compliant to the needs of disabled people. Eduroam Wifi is vailable in all parts of the Leibniz House. The entire building has been reserved for STC 2019 including:

  • “Leibniz Hall” (1st floor, 140 m², 145 seats) will be used as main lecture hall. The entrance foyer behind the main door is connected with glass doors and will host the registration desk. It might also provide additional space for standing audiences if the Leibniz Hall will be filled completely.

  • “Hannah Ahrendt Hall” (basement, 140 m², 145 seats) will serve for posters, exhibition, and coffee as well as lunch breaks. It is equipped with kitchen, food desk, and a large wardrobe.

  • “Karmarsch Room” (2nd floor, 105 m², 60 seats) will serve for the EFMI Board and Council meetings during the weekend as well as 2nd lecture hall for parallel sessions.

  • “Iffland Room” (2nd floor, 25 m², 12 seats) will be used to host the speakers desk

  • “Kersting Room” (3rd floor, 40 m², 16 seats) serves for AG meetings.

  • Adresse
    Holzmarkt 4 - 6
    30159 Hannover