Academic Partners

Cooperation Partners (Germany)

As EFMI SCT conference, the meeting will profit from the European network that has been spanned by EFMI, Furthermore, GMDS as national association with ~ 2,000 members forms a recognized community in Germany. We further have involved the following institutions:

  • BVMI: The Berufsverband Medizinischer Informatiker (Professional Institution of Medical Informaticians, Germany) has more than 600 members.
  • TMF: The Technologie- und Methodenplattform für die vernetzte medizinische Forschung (TMF) is the umbrella organization for networked medical research in Germany. It is the platform for interdisciplinary exchange solving organizational, legal/ethical, and technological problems of modern medical research. It covers 58 institutional members.
  • KKS Network: The Network of the Coordinating Centers for Clinical Trials (KKS Network) and its approximately 600 staff members provide expertise, design and implement clinical trials, develop training programs for study personnel and aim at improving the regulatory policies for clinical trials.