Local Organizing Committee: LOC

Under the patronage of the GMDS, this STC is organized by the PLRI.

  1. Thomas M. Deserno, PLRI Campus Braunschweig, Germany (Chair)
    IMIA National Representative of Germany,
    Chair of EFMI WG Medical Image Processing
  2. Michael Marschollek, PLRI Campus Hannover, Germany (Co-Chair)
  3. Martin Dugas, University of Münster, Germany (Program Development)
  4. Jürgen Stausberg, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany (Opening & Closing Sessions)
    Chair of DNVF AG „Register“
  5. Alfred Winter, University of Leipzig, Germany (EFMI Session)
    EFMI National Representative of Germany

Scientific Program Committee: SPC

Papers will be selected for oral and poster presentations purely based on content and quality. The decisions are made autonomously by the SPC.

  1. Amnon Shabo (Shvo), Tel Aviv, Israel (Chair)
    Chair of EFMI WG Translational Health Informatics,
    Chair of IMIA WG Health Record Banking
  2. Inge Madsen, Aarhus, Denmark (Co-Chair: Invited Talks)
    Chair of EFMI WG Nursing Informatics
  3. Hans-Ulrich Prokosch, Erlangen, Germany
  4. Kristiina Häyrinen, Finland
    EFMI National Representative of Finland
  5. Klaus-Hendrik Wolf, Hannover, Germany
    Chair of IMIA WG Wearable Sensors in Healthcare
  6. Fernando Martin-Sanchez, Madrid, Spain
    Chair of IMIA WG Exposome Informatics
  7. Matthias Löbe, Leipzig, Germany

PLR Symposium Committee: PSC

The Peter L. Reichertz Symposium is organized by the PLRI. It is free of charge for any interested attendee.

  1. Reinhold Haux, Braunschweig, Germany (Chair)
  2. Otto Rienhoff, Göttingen, Germany
  3. Rolf Engelbrecht, Munich, Germany
    Chair of EFMI WG Health Information Management Europe