Upload of Papers

Your paper must be revised according to the reviewer's comments. With the revision, please make sure that your manuscript is strictly following the IOS Press requirements:

If you have chosen latex, all files and figures must be composed into a ZIP archive. A reference PDF shall be included in the archive, too. If you have chosen Word, please include all figures in the DOCX file and compose the archive with two files only, DOCX and PDF.

Please name all files STC-XX, where XX is your abstract number. The same holds for the archive: STC-XX.ZIP. The archive file must be uploaded to the following address,
where the email you have used for paper submission is the user name, and your abstract number XX written as "STC-XX" with leading zero is the password.

If your paper is accepted as a poster, your manuscript is not allowed to exceed 2 pages in length. If your paper was submitted as oral, but the scientific program committee has accepted the paper as a poster, you need to shorten such that it fits the limit of 2 pages (sorry about this).

If your paper is accepted as oral, you have two options (either – or):

  1. Submit your paper to the workshop proceedings. Then the limit is 5 pages according to IOS Press guidelines. If submitted in time and according to the requirements, your paper will be published in Stud Health Technol Inform and indexed in MEDLINE/PubMed, Thomson Reuters' Web of Science (Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Book Citation Index), Elsevier's Scopus, EMCare, as well as in the Database Systems and Logic Planning (DBLP).
  2. Submit your paper to EFMI STC 2019 special issue on Information Systems in Biomedical Research in the Journal of Medical Systems (JOMS), which is published by Springer. Then, the paper needs to follow the instructions for authors of JOMS: https://www.springer.com/public+health/journal/10916 and is limited to 3000 words (original research article). To avoid double publication and self-plagiarism, the authors choosing this option shall additionally submit an abstract for the IOS Press conference proceedings, which, however, will not be indexed. The abstract length is 2 pages at most. If you decide on this option, please inform the guest editor at deserno@plri.de to receive further instructions.
    It is important to understand that all papers submitted to JOMS need to pass the regular review process. Therefore, it might happen that the journal submission is rejected, but then, there is no option anymore to turn back to the 5 pages proceedings paper with IOS Press.

The resubmission deadline for all IOS paper (2 as well as 5 pages) is Feb. 4th, 2019.
The deadline for the JOMS special issue is March 15th, 2019.
We expect all presenting authors to pre-register by Feb 4th, 2019, too.
You may like to take advantage of the reduced rates if you register by Jan 31st, 2019.

For registration, please visit https://gmds.de/de/aktuelles-termine/formulare/efmi-stc-2019/