Workshop A

Prof. Carlos Luis Parra Calderón, Servicio Andaluz de Salud, Sevilla, Spain

The European FAIR4Health Initiative

The FAIR4Health vision for the year 2020 is a vast, open community of EU health research institutions fully engaged to the Horizon 2020 ORD Mandate enhancing their knowledge-based economy and their research excellence thanks to the application of the FAIR data guiding principles. High-quality health research and routine care data will be shared and reused in a secure, controlled and legally compliant environment in order to accelerate knowledge discovery while reducing the bias and enhancing the strength and quality of the scientific evidence raised by the FAIR4Health community members.

Furthermore, a community of data scientists from both public research institutions and private companies will be attracted to develop advanced analytical solutions able to intercommunicate in order to provide data-driven innovative services that will enable a seamless application of the new evidence raised into the clinical practice.

This session has the following objectives:

  • To engage stakeholders by providing training and awareness raising on the FAIR data principles and its potential impact in the Health research domain.
  • To receive feedback from key stakeholders regarding the challenges posed in the application of the FAIR data principles in Health research and how to
    overcome them.
  • To gather expressions of interest for FAIRification of Health research datasets beyond the FAIR4Health partnership.

Expected Impacts
This session will impact on the following points related to the strategy to adopt the FAIR data policy at EU level:

  • Increase in the awareness of the potential benefits in adopting this strategy among key involved stakeholders
  • Contribution to the definition of the overcoming mechanisms for tackling the challenges posed by the adoption of the FAIR data policy, and in the definition of the policy guidelines in the long term.

Target Audience
This session is open to any STC attendee and addressed to the following profiles:

  • Researchers
  • Research managers (Foundations, Institutes, etc)
  • Policymakers
  • Data-driven industry